The Cimi Schulz Show

…is a fusion of two people from different artistic fields that started 28.02.2015. Christoph Schulz known for his unique interpretations of the jaw's harp and Cimi Czimek a visual artist with a passion for performative installations joined together to create a crossover from various jaw's harps, various wind instruments (from children's toys to the clarinet) poem-chants and hair-dryers. Mr. Herbert, the third band member, is the “mechanical repetitor”, he loops the sound worlds and generates recurring basic elements on which the duo builts its show.

Their songs deal with the importance of uselessness, French gondoliers on the domestic duck pond, spinning candyfloss and the sound of hairdryers.
The result is a quirky promenade in pairs which leaves conventions behind. They indulge in "Experimentaldilettantismus" and use different genres in a joyful way. Mr. Schulz and Madame Cimi represent the easiness of being without unnecessary perfection with their natural-fictional characters.

Mag. art Claudia Czimek
…studied at the University for Arts and Industrial Design Linz and at the Art University Marseille and is a freelance artist since 2004.
Numerous projects in public space, performative installations, for example "Madame Bricolage's temporary studio", "travel agency sCHIC" in the “House of stories” at Linz09 (European capital of culture), "Jonocchio" - a three-month travel project with a converted “whale-caravan" "Madame Bricolage on tour"

                                                                                                     in London, Paris, Beijing. Residencies, art purchases

                                                                                                     and project fundings from the province of Upper Austria,

                                                                                                     Federal Ministry and the city of Linz.

Christoph Schulz
…has spent more than a decade experimenting with jaw’s harps and played in diverse bands such as "Maul und Trommelseuche", "Mischkultur" and "Krinner and Lounge Paket".
Christoph Schulz developed the traditional Austrian style of playing the jaw’s harp with up to 9 instruments. He interprets the jaw’s harp in a completely new way and transforms it into a techno and rock instrument.
Performances in: Austria, France, Russia, Switzerland,

                                                                                                    Hungary, Portugal, Ambassador for Austria at the

                                                                                                    international jaw’s harp festival in Yakutia.